09022016 nairobi ladies dating

Many single city women are crying foul because eligible bachelors are unwilling to settle down, even though these same guys date and sleep with them.

To my fellow sisters, here is why men would rather spend the time with you in the sack, but not consider marriage.

I like reading, creativity, all music Hi, am a kind, caring and loving person. I'm very versatile when it comes to life and I can I'm Faith from Kenya, a kind and honest lady I love travelling and exploring a lot I'm a single lady i've never travelled to any country abroad and i've grown up in Kenya. Then they still have the nerve to make an SOS call the following morning begging that you bail them out with rent money.Jeez woman, have you looked at your jewellery collection and how much it is worth?!When all you care about is asserting your ‘rights’ even in simple matters like house chores, you are definitely going to end up only with cats as your life companions!Responsibility includes learning how to cook basic, decent meals and doing house chores.

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