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Google Ad Sense banned TG Personals for displaying dating profiles that used the word “bondage” and posted user pictures of themselves in provocative poses.

“I cannot prove it, but I got the strong impression that Google was being so severe with my sites due to the fact that they contained transgender personals,” he said.

Couples in the bliss of a new romance may not think to write a thank you to the dating site that introduced them in the first place.

However, Mike said he has received dozens of thank-you messages from TG Personals members over the years. My partner is planning to bring me to the US.” Mike said this was the first TG Personals marriage he had heard about, and it made him happy to help advance civil rights on a global scale.

He offers all features on his dating site for free and has promised to never use subscription plans or paid features to turn a profit.

Instead, he uses banner ads and affiliate partnerships to generate revenue.

Mike said he plans to expand the gender options on the site in the coming years and grow his team to include more volunteer site admins who can screen profiles and photos.

However, Mike has pledged not to charge his members for the niche dating services, and he intends to remain true to his values and continue supporting transgender singles and their admirers in a free, safe, and welcoming online community.Both sites run on the same software, but TG Personals is by far the more popular product because it fills a need in the online dating space.Transgender singles can feel marginalized on general dating platforms, so they appreciate a dating community where being trans isn’t a dirty secret but actually something desirable.“I learned two important lessons from that experience,” Mike said.“First, that there was no difference between the transgender and genetic women I had dated, and second that online dating was the best way to meet someone.” Mike said the major drawback he saw to online dating was how much it cost users to actually meet and communicate with one another.

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