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and supporting the hosting of their VCard for downloading.5) Enable security by setting the devices IMEI as a one time password (which needs to be changed on first visit) 6) Offer a secure “backup my phone content & contacts” application in conjunction with this URL and the new password.…We do not want anyone else to fall foul of this kind of shocking activity and I would warn anyone who is asked for money over the internet by people they do not know to refuse and not put yourself at risk.’ Be sure to avoid Online Scammers by joining The 3G Dating Agency – our fully moderated community of validated members prevents scammers even contacting you and because every member has a 3G Video Mobile you can be sure for yourself that everyone is real!Over the new year new member sign ups have been particularly brisk with lots of you making finding someone special top of your new year resolutions.

It’s not surprising to find that daters who find they’ve wasted their time and money being engaged with these fraudsters are angry and embarrassed that they’ve been so gullible (see this excellent BBC Watch Dog report) but a new feature from Google Labs that works with Gmail will probably take the scale of these scams to another level.I’ve been talking for years about how useful this could be and how it could lead to some really cool device brand loyalty.Here’s how: 1) Give every handset it’s own short URL (in the same way you give it an IMEI) and print this on the casing.It’s also been a very busy time for the scammers, and we’re happy to announce the first we’ve blocked to be the beautiful “CHLOE31”, here’s her picture: The “CHLOE31” profile boasted that she was “just sexy n cute”, “single n looking for a guy who wil love me for fun date n sex lol”.Our moderators got suspicious when we saw that “CHLOE31” was advertising the 35338 premium short code that belongs to the “Mobile Date Channel” ( and charges approximately per message recieved.

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