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There really is no need to put anti-freeze in the hot water heater, fresh water holding tank, grey and black water tanks, as they are drained, and large enough to expand and contract without any damage occurring.The water lines in an RV are usually very thin and have little room to expand. The RV water heater has a water line at the bottom where the cold water goes in.It’s nice to be able to flip a switch when I’m ready to leave and have a fresh battery in reserve to power the trailer jacks and bring the slide in.Now that you have the extra 12 volt power storage capacity the next upgrade that is nice to have is an inverter.Inverters basically take the 12 volt DC power a battery has and changes it into 120 volt AC power like in your house power outlets.The inverter allows you to run things like TVs, small appliances, satellite boxes, etc.

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When you’re deciding on the maximum wattage of inverter to choose a good rule of thumb is you’ll need roughly two batteries for every 1000 watts of inverter power.

This is usually sufficient to power things for a few nights while dry camping.

Adding an additional 12 volt battery or installing a pair of six volt golf cart type batteries will double or even triple the power capacity allowing for longer periods of RVing without power hookup or give the ability to run more of your electronic gadgetry.

I also added in a battery switch to separate the 6 volt batteries from the 12 volt forming 2 banks. It’s not a good idea to charge mixed batteries together, so I charge them separately.

When boondocking I use the pair of six volt batteries and keep the single 12 volt one as a backup.

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