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They do not correspond to any "model year" for any particular reference watch.

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It seems that has yet to grow their social media activity, as the major social networks contain little or no materials related to this domain.Rolex paperwork and warranty information is a string of numbers, something like R1661030B9235.This bracelet half is manufactured separately from the clasp and the endlink code, and the clasp code may be different, but they should be close.clasp code 1976 A* - possibly (VA) 1977 B - possibly (VB) 1978 C* - possibly (VC) 1979 D - possibly (VD) 1980 E - possibly (VE) 1981 F - possibly (VF) 1982 G 1983 H* 1984 I* 1985 J* 1986 K* 1987 L* 1988 M* 1989 N* 1990 O 1991 P 1992 Q* 1993 R 1994 S 1995 T or W 1996 V or U 1997 Z or U 1998 Z or W 1999 X 2000 AB 2001 DE 2002 DT 2003 AD 2004 CL 2005 MA 2006 OP 2007 EO 2008 PJ 2009 LT 2010 RS Clasp codes can be used to further help refine when the watch or it's parts were actually manufactured.Clasp codes and the bracelet part number can be found where the Clasp reads Steelinox and consists of letters and a number.

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