Animal rescue dating

If you answered yes to any of these questions, starting an animal rescue may be the business venture that best suits you.

The specifics of your day-to-day routine will vary, depending upon what types of animals you rescue, the condition they are in upon intake, and the adoption process your rescue implements.

recommends ninety to one hundred square feet per dog and forty-five to fifty square feet per cat.

Your space must include enough land for the animals to get out and stretch their legs, as well as several comfortable rooms for potential adopters to meet with the animals they’re considering for adoption.

Every animal rescue’s mission is to ensure those without a voice are heard. Do you feel passionate about raising awareness for animal advocacy?

Are you the friend that is always saving injured animals or helping others find their four-legged “perfect match”?

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They free animals from abusive situations and help liberate stray pets that have been cast out onto the streets.

They rely on foster volunteers to house each rescued animal and host fundraising events at local businesses.

Rescues provide all medical care, medicine, and food.

Once you have defined the parameters of your organization, you can begin to develop a business plan around that, reaching out to those that are most equipped to assist you in your endeavor.

Your direct target market is any individual and/or family that is looking to adopt the types of animals you rescue.

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