Are edwin goh and kimberly chia dating

but alvin drunk already suddenly come over to my place also . I really so sad when i saw my mum apologies to the police . "hais"Then the IO came over and tell us they going to charge my mum because of her throwing ! Is all too sudden , i should'nt have report the police . While some sought the help of surgery and openly admit it, others claim to use non-surgical methods like sticking double eyelid tape or even hormones. Peh claimed her boobs always swell up by a cup size when it comes to the time of the month. Before: The cutest one of the 7 Media Corp’s princesses After: Sharper v-shaped face, higher eyelids. Before: Looked like a kindergarten teacher After: Sweet-faced songstress Plastic surgery? This means she would scar easily even after wounds heal, which makes her unsuitable for plastic surgery.Well, we’re sure they’ll continue to swell to ginormous proportions now that she’s pregnant. : The artiste never admitted to having plastic surgery. Looking much more mature compared to her former self and oozes femininity. Instead, she uses double eyelid tape to make her eyes appear bigger. Mum suddenly came to my house just nowbecause of her crazyness she come my house knock the door damn hard ! Actually the police going to give chance already , i really dont understand why i'm so week . And just see my mum get arrest by police just like that . I DUNNO WHAT THE FUCK YOU N YOUR DAUGHTER WANT , ALL YOU ALL KNOW IS MONEY . IF YOU ALL KEEP SAYING YOUR HOUSE THEN IN THE FIRST PLACE DONT KEEP ASK FOR MONEY LA HOR . TOWARDS YOU ALL MY FRIENDS IS MORE IMPORTANT THEN YOU ALL LA , AT LEAST THEY UNDERSTAND ME MORE THEN YOU ALL .

Haish , I also don't know I'll choose to marry last time , and I'm fucking regret now . Don't want help me take care baby , Still nevermnd . Then the fucker ahboy purposely wait for my father and complain to him .

Before: Model wannabe with overly thin brows, ah lian-ish hair and weird eyeshadow trying to werk dat pose.

After: Doll-like face that seems a tad too white Plastic surgery? Heng was frank about it and even documented her plastic surgery procedure online.

However, she eventually admitted that she had eyelid surgery done on the right eye. Before: Looked like your girl next door, with slightly protruding, crooked teeth and a bad fringe cut. After: Shaved a whole lot of years off her age and seems to be getting younger by the day. Before: An average Jane After: The goddess of every male homebody Controversy: Too many.

After: Drop dead gorgeous busty chick who left a void in everyone’s heart when she left Media Corp for good. Speculations of her having been under the knife is an endless debate on the Internet, with some going as far as creating a blog in their attempt to “expose” her. : Never admitted it Before: Mature-looking with a gaunt face After: The Japanese-looking mother of one looks significantly younger with fuller cheeks Plastic surgery?

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