Backdating child support

I then had to go through hell and high water to get the CSA to follow through on this - but at the end of the day I got my child support backdated.

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Heck - let's get mob rule on board' I said 'well we better let all the prisoners out of prison - because they don't have to be there do they - let's let the rapists and murderers out because even though I judge said they should be in jail - clearly they don't have to do what the court of law says! Poor CSA lady - she didn't have a very good afternoon after that I don't think. We only do this if other collection methods don't work.We’ll do this if there’s an asset or income stream in the parent's name.If a parent refuses to pay child support we can use our powers to collect amounts owed.We can also do this if you refuse to agree to a suitable payment arrangement.

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