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The music is loud enough for everyone else to hear. They continue to call her name several times until she disappears in one of the hallways. Glancing at one another, Andre brings up, "What's that all about? She types, Everyone, this is what your favorite girl, Tori Vega, is really doing to herself! Tori couldn't be anymore humiliated and embarrassed."Tori! He, along with Cat, Robbie and Andre, ran up towards her."Tori, are you alright? Out of complete misery, Tori runs out f the school.Suddenly, her friends, Cat Valentine, Andre Harris, Robbie Shapiro, and even her crush, Beck Oliver, show up behind her. Tori turns around, pulling out her earbuds, to face them. Instead of answering, Tori turns back to her locker, still gathering her necessities into her bag. The four wanted to follow her but they cannot miss class, so they have no choice.Also, how will Tori feel about this turn of events?What happens when Jade finds Tori on the side of the road?' It was a nightmare,' he reassured himself, ' It was just a nightmare.' His words repeated in his mind like a mantra but his heart continued to beat in an extremely quick pace.His onyx eyes darted to the door of his room and, for a moment, he thought that someone would burst in. Sigh I'm warning you now, you might want a tissue box near by. ” you ask the cute Asian boy, indicating to the empty seat at the lab table.He looks up at you and smiles politely, “No, it’s all yours.” You find yourself smiling back, “Thanks,” you say as you set your backpack on the ground and take a seat.

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Ever wonder what it's like to have a future with the person you first fell madly in love once you lay your eyes on them? If any of these things make you uncomfortable or trigger you, I'd suggest you stop reading. "L-Levi, please, a-at first I honestly had know idea how bad this was, but now I know you need help.

Tori cries some more after finding out that something is highly inaccurate about her.

They all wanted to see Tori and make sure that she's okay.

Pl-Please, if not for me, think of your friends-" "Who the actual hellbroken. reader Levi bolted upright in his bed, beads of sweat covered his forehead.

He was gasping as if he was drowning, wrestling the sheets, kicking it onto the floor. Despite shedding his shirt on the floor before going to sleep, his room seemed so hot, so stuffy, he felt as if he was suffocating.

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