Benny chan and charmaine sheh dating

It is nice to see Charmaine to be able to tell the media and doubter they were wrong that she can act....

now she only need to win the best actress award Omigosh, do you mean to say DIF4 was Charmaine's first series? I didn't think she was exceptional in there, but it's really good work for a newcomer.

Since then, Charmaine has grown over the years to be a highly acclaimed and revered thespian in Hong Kong.

In 2006, Charmaine became the first TVB actress to win two major awards at the same TVB Anniversary Awards ceremony, clinching the Best Actress Award and My Favourite Female TV Character for her performance in Maidens' Vow.

The paparazzi snapped photos of Benny Chan getting intimate with younger females in various bars in Shanghai, where he is filming the new TV series "Ghost Stories." Charmaine Sheh was recently crowned head actress at Hong Kong's TVB TV station.

The added pressure of her work and news of Benny's affair led to their break-up.

She also became first actress to be crowned double TV Queen for the second time.

I think you can either take the criticism and then improve yourself or you can go heck with it.

When asked about his relationship with Charmaine, Benny reluctantly said they are just good friends.

Charmaine Sheh said Benny Chan's private life is now none of her business.

Name : Sheh See Man Nickname : Charmaine Chinese Name: Ԋ Chinese Nickname : Ah Sheh Date Of Birth : 5/28/1975 Age: 28 years old Zodiac : Rabbit Star Sign : Gemini Height : 165 cm 5'5" Weight: 49 Kg Vision : Normal Cloths' Size : Small Shoes' Size : 7 and a half House's Location : Kowloon Family Members : Mother and a brother Habit Before Going To Sleep : Talking on the telephone Education Level : Graduate of Tertiary Institution Favourite Season : Autumn Favourite Movies : Meaningful Types Favourite Singer : Leslie Cheung Favoutite Actress : Cheung Man Yuk Leisure Activity : Watch VCD Favourite Brands : Too many Favourite Tourist : Attraction Rome Place Wanted To Go : Greece Favourite Animal : Dogs Most Afraid Insects : Mosquitoes Favourite Colours : Anything apart from Orange and brown Most Loved Person : Mother Most Dislike People : Selfish, no manners Favourite Fruit : Mangoesteen Most Resisted Food : Chilly stuff Ideal Partner : Brainy, or likes to think Favoutite Cartoon Character : Road Runner Most Excitied Experience : Miss Hong Kong Thing wanted to do most : Travel around earth Types of magazine read : Too many Golden Phrase You can get nothing for free (or There's no free lunch) Goals : To be a successful business/working woman DRAMAS Detective Investigation Files IV (1998) The Flying Fox & Snowy Mountain (1999) Time Out (1999) Heavenly Sword & Dragon Sabre (2000) Crimson Sabre (2000) Return Of The Cuckoo (2000) Country Spirit (2001) Seven Sisters (2001) A Herbalist Affair (2001) The White Flame (2002) A Witness To A Prosecution II (2002) Perish in the Name of Love (2002) Life Begins At Forty (2002) The Voyage of Emperor Chien Lung (2002) Carry Me Fly and Walk Off (2003) Point Of No Return (2003) Angels on Mission (2004) NEW!

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