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This early medieval rock relief is carved into a plateau and depicts a horseman trailed by a running dog, with a lion crushed beneath the horse's hooves.

The sculpture was created in the 7 century more than 20 metres up a 100-metre-high cliff and is one of Bulgaria's most famous monuments.

have no very much time for my private and social life ( which i intend to change in near future, but still want to use I'm a teacher by profession. I consider myself to have a good "general" culture while at the same time trying to be really good in my profession (software engineer).

I was in business for some time, when l lived in Moscow. I'm easy going person who love a simple and normal things and people.

I am a positive, creative person, working as a psychologist. I would like to travel but not for tourist places, and those where it is easier to hear the silence.

I like General information: i am busy and active person, jumping like grasshopper from one place to other. I like to travel, lm I am really serious, one-woman person interested in non-banal, non-trivial things.

Im the first to admit I can be hard work sometimes, but I have a kind hea..Its hard when you supposed to talk about your own character. hello welcome to my profile im from bulgaria i love cooking i love the animals i like to listening music my height is 165 cm my body size is fit i have dark blonde hair im looking for man who wants marrige and familly I am a very positive person who enjoys life and appreciates everything that comes into it.There are thousands of exhibits from the Stone and Middle Ages, including the Gold of Varna.This is the oldest gold treasure in the world and was found in the necropolis of Varna – known as the largest prehistoric necropolis in south-eastern Europe.

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