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Qualified pianists who wish to pursue committed organ study during their college studies are also invited to apply and audition.

Piano - Awarded to advanced pianists who are capable of being assigned to an orchestra, accompaniment, or an advanced chamber music ensemble.

Please fill out this form as soon as you decide that you might want to audition.

Concordia does not limit the music scholarship amounts for non-music majors.

Handbells - Awarded students will be assigned to one of several handbell ensembles during the first week of classes.

Jazz - In most cases, students must accept a scholarship in another ensemble to be eligible for additional support as a jazz musician.

Please note: Concordia is currently accepting music scholarship meetings for singers with minimal experience - these meetings do not carry the same requirements as full auditions. Those that want to be eligible for the higher voice awards need to complete the full audition requirements.

Composition/Songwriting - Students with an advanced portfolios of finished work are encouraged to meet with composition/songwriting faculty.Choir - Basses/baritones/tenors are, on average, the highest awards in this area, as we often have fewer auditions on these voice parts than for soprano and alto.Singers populate three different choirs at Concordia, with placement occurring during the first week of classes.(Note: Band/orchestral instrumentalists and singers are awarded for orchestra/choir, respectively, but should also meet the Americana director in advance to discuss participation.) Organ - Concordia is a national leader in church music.Students with any level of experience on organ are encouraged to audition.

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