Coca cola and bottles and dating

As best I can tell, the Brown Manufacturing Company stopped making these bottle openers in-house in 2006 and now outsources their construction to various other companies, mostly in China.From online reviews, their quality doesn't compare to the vintage openers.The Coca Cola shipment was the result of an agreement between the company and the Chinese government signed in December 1978, which was meant to sell Coca Cola to foreigners in China; initial sales were restricted to specially designated outlets, such as hotels and “Friendship” stores in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou.But ordinary Chinese people, who only knew Coca Cola from the movies, also wanted to drink it.1979 did not mark the first arrival of Coca Cola in China.After scouring Ebay for a few days last Novemeber, I managed to win an auction for a vintage Starr "X" opener that was made in West Germany (so in between 1970 - 1991) still in the original box with the original screws.

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Its arrival to China did not come without controversy, as the brand formally represented the “Western capitalist lifestyle”.

In 1943, certain modifications were made to the patent allowing a new patent for #2,333,088 to be issued to Raymond Brown, the owner of Brown Mfg. Prior to the early 1970’s, all bottle openers were cast in various foundries throughout the USA.

Since then and until December 31, 2006, all ‘Drink Coca-Cola’ STARR “X” bottle openers have been cast at the Brown foundry in Germany.

The first crates of Coca Cola arrived in Beijing in 1979.

The majority of Chinese people had only known the drink from American movies, and were curious to try it out.

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