Consolidating school and keeping morale high

* You left school and were entitled to a refund but never received the money. of Education-approved college serving low-income students or in delegated teacher shortage areas ( other kinds of teacher cancellations are available for Perkins loans ). * You're a full time employee of a public or nonprofit agency providing services to low-income, high-risk children and their families ( Perkins loans only).* You're a full-time nurse or medical technician ( Perkins loans only).The proposed school consolidations would mean eliminating many extra curricular opportunities for students.The various activities, clubs, and sports offered at our schools help enrich students’ lives.Keep in mind that should the circumstances above change, you may be asked to reimburse your loan.

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Student needs vary widely, and our schools must strive to meet the needs of every student.A huge factor in maintaining this level of excellence is the quality of our teachers.One of the district’s strategic goals is to, “Foster a collaborative work environment that attracts, retains and honors high quality staff for the benefit of students,” but we are currently paying our teachers the second lowest salaries in the region, and we have the third lowest benefits of any school district in the area.* You are a Peace Corps or VISTA volunteer ( Perkins loans only ) .These circumstances apply especially to federally subsidized student loans.

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