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In an attempt to raise money to move away to the desert, Manson encouraged drug dealing.

Purportedly, a botched drug scam by Family member Charles "Tex" Watson led Manson to confront and shoot a man by the name of Bernard "Lotsapoppa" Crowe.

Five people were murdered at the Benedict Canyon home where Roman Polanski and Sharon Tate lived: Tate (who was eight and a half months pregnant), Tate’s unborn son Paul was not killed by the stab wounds, suffocated to death in utero.

Steven Parent, Jay Sebring, Wojciech Frykowski, and Abigail Folger.

When Hinman insisted he had not inherited any money, Beausoleil beat him severely.Manson hoped Hinman could be persuaded to join the commune and contribute his purported new inheritance.Manson sent Atkins, Bobby Beausoleil, and Mary Brunner to Hinman's home on July 25, 1969.Manson believed he had killed Crowe, and he further believed Crowe was a Black Panther. Nonetheless, Manson feared retaliation from the Black Panthers and pressured his followers for more money.During this time someone suggested that an old friend, Gary Hinman, had just inherited a large sum of money.

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