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The suite was installed aboard a Dehavilland DHC-6 ("Twin Otter") up to 2005 and aboard a Basler BT-67 (a version of DC-3T -- a Douglas DC-3 refitted with turboprop engines) since 2008.

The current instruments are: High Capability Radar Sounder (Hi CARS); Multibeam, Scanning Photon Counting Lidar; Cesium Vapor Magnetometer; Gravimeter; Dual-frequency, carrier-phase Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS); Laser Altimeter; Two GPS-aided Inertial Measurement Units; Three-Axis Fluxgate Magnetometer; System Control, Data Acquisition, and Real-time QC and Monitoring functions.

BET sorptometer for N2, Ar, and Kr BET surface areas, and A microporosities, organic carbon analyzer.

The Jackson School of Geosciences now has four stable isotope laboratories.

UTIG Director and DGS faculty member Terry Quinn supervises one of these labs: ALPS.

Garner gained recognition for her role on the ABC series “Alias,” for which she also won a Golden Globe.

The established actor also appeared in the Oscar-winning films “Dallas Buyers Club” and “Juno.” This Dallas native’s acting career kicked off after attending the University of Texas at Austin, and meeting and collaborating with the then unknown six-time Oscar-nominated writer-director Wes Anderson.

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