Dating gibson ukuleles

The entire Miami line was endorsed by ES "Ukulele" Hughes.Like many of the Stadlmair Miami instruments, these baby ukuleles were manufactured by Nicola Turturro.

Interestingly, the three ukulele models pictured on the back of the pamphlet all show the extended fretboard with 17 frets.It is a top-of-the-line hardshell case with a plush green interior.Neatly painted on the top of the case in large gold letters is the name "DOC MORRIS".In this case, it’s worth being able to identify which type of ukulele it is and how much it might be worth so you can tell if you’re getting a bargain. But with the new boom they’re back on the bandwagon. As well as making their own ukuleles, Martin also made ukes for other manufacturers such as Oliver Ditson.To begin with they started by releasing new models. These ukuleles are identical to the standard Martin ukuleles apart from the maker stamps and decals.

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