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The Heritage Rough Rider series is a very good bargain plinker in the world of 22lr handguns.

While single-action – and basically a clone of the Colt SAA – it can be had for less than 0 in most cases and can be used with either .22LR or .22WMR cylinders, perfect for plinking at the range and putting a few cottontails or grouse in the game bag.

For the concealed carrier or handgun hunter, keeping shooting skills honed is a must which is why it's said that a lot of people who carry every day put in more time at the range than the average police officer.

However, the .22 can also let you focus on shooting fundamentals that can get missed if one concentrates solely on tactical drills, allowing one to focus on things like trigger control – which is one of the most common causes of inaccurate shooting.

USA –-( There may be no more pleasing pistol to shoot than a .22 handgun.

Click for more info Ruger Mark 1, semi auto pistol, 22LR with a 6 7/8" barrel, 1 factory mag. Click for more info This is a stainless Ruger Mark I 1 of 5000 Bill Ruger Commemorative 22LR. It includes wood box and original cardboard box (not pictured). Click for more info Sturm ruger 22 long rifle automatic pistol mark 1 with black eagle on silver circle left grip below the safety, grips black, 4.5 inch tapered barell, ssn Sturm Ruger 22 LR Automatic Mark I w/left gri ... Checkered hard rubber grips with black eagle medallion in left panel. Click for more info .22 Long Rifle has 6 inch tapered barrel with drift adjustable rear sight. Checkered walnut grips with black eagle medallion in left panel. This pistol features a 4 3/4 inch tappered barrel with fixed sights. A great opportunity for somone that wants a great target gun and doesn't want to sell their first born. Click for more info Ruger Standard Model 22 Auto,4-3" Tapered Barrel, Ruger Thumb rest target grips, Target Trigger, mint Condition!!Click for more info Ruger Early semi auto 22, Red Eagle model, SN is 214xx. Click for more info This is the Ruger MK 1 in .22LR. Granted it isn't as if shooting 9mm is all that difficult or even that expensive; practice rounds go for pretty cheap…but not nearly as cheap as 22lr Handgun.It also happens to be a good game-getting round, which was always part of the .22's appeal though this role is largely reserved for small game.

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