Dating service mental patients

DO inform patients that a copy or summary of his/her record will be forwarded to the new treater upon receipt of proper written authorization.

DO provide a follow-up letter that contains all the information discussed with the patient.

Doing so helps ensure that the patient will receive it and provides evidence that the letter was sent .

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DO NOT prescribe large amounts of medications around the time of termination, if possible.

DO NOT reverse the decision to terminate treatment based solely on the patient’s appeal to do so.

If you believe that therapy is not working, you may risk liability for continuing to see the patient.

A court is less likely to find that you have adequately discharged your responsibilities when you pull out at the time when you are needed most.

DO understand that even in the event of an unplanned or emergency closing of a psychiatric practice, there remains an obligation to the patients to terminate with as much care as possible.

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