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My last boyfriend wanted a woman who was already a mother, who understood what it was like to be a parent; it was one of his crucial criteria.According to The Plankton, there are no men at all out there if you are older and separated or divorced, apart from the SFARs.Many men are not as short-sighted as the ones who get blinded by youth; the pay-off with older women is that we rarely, if ever, want (or are still young enough) to go off down the baby-making path again.Been there, done that, and now it's time to enjoy our kids growing up, rather than starting from scratch again.I read another post from The Plankton, which confirms that yes, being single, middle aged and female does mean already being dead: "It's pitch black in my bedroom when I turn my light out, and completely silent," she writes.

The Los Angeles-based band consists of Dan Avidan on vocals and Brian Wecht on keyboards, and are known for 1980s-style synthpop tracks about sex, seduction and fantasy."On the whole, people do not give dinner parties and ask divorced women of a certain age... Not only is it extremely well-written (almost as if it were a professional project -- perhaps eventually aimed at a book deal), but, unlike other anonymous blogs such as, say, 'Belle de Jour', it is coruscatingly bleak and pessimistic.Quoting a line from Hanif Kureishi's novel 'Intimacy' -- "A lone middle-aged woman with kids doesn't have much cachet" -- The Plankton is convinced, after two or three years of being single in middle age, that if you're a woman, you're toast.We had loads in common -- kids the same age, a shared world view, both self-employed doing work we love, shared interests, the lot.For the first time in a long time, I begin to think long-term. But after a year, it became apparent that despite being a truly good egg, this man was not ever going to give me what I needed emotionally -- that is, buckets of love.

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