Dating singer feather weight

The data below, inspired by Graham Forsdyke's original reference chart, graphs the number of machines manufactured or commissioned in any given year throughout their production.

This may help you determine the ease of finding machines to perhaps coordinate with personal milestones or significance.

These exceptional Singer 221 Featherweights have each been painstakingly restored to original condition.

Each machine has been completely disassembled, cleaned, polished, inspected and where necessary, parts replaced with genuine Singer manufacture, then hand fitted, reassembled and adjusted to factory specification.

I am confident in the quality of each and every Singer Featherweight I sell and I stand behind my work.

My purpose is to present our quilting history in an informative, engaging and fun manner.

I want to help owners preserve their Singer Featherweight sewing machines and keep them sewing for generations to come through education and providing quality parts, products and services for their machines.

I do not use “stock” photos, only actual photos of the machine that is for sale.

What you see in the photos, including the case, foot control, manuals or any attachments will be included.

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