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It might sound weird to hire a professional photographer for your online dating pictures but a professional knows how to get the best photos and find the best lighting.

People will be attracted to your new photos, and won’t care that a pro took them.

Even if you haven’t aged that much, people can still tell it’s an outdated photo when they see you.

The feedback on Photo Feeler can be brutally honest.

To you, the photo of yourself at your cousin’s wedding with the lights dimmed might be great because you were dressed up and your makeup was done, but the stranger who is looking at your photos on the internet do not know that.

Unfortunately, it’s easier to mess up dating site photos than to get them right. The first thing many people do when they get to your profile page is probably clicked on your photo and try to scroll left or right to see more.

But if that isn’t your motivation, think carefully about what your outfit says about you in the photo.

We’ve already briefly touched upon this but seeing how many people do it, we feel it’s worth reiterating.

But if you don’t have any more then it just stays there and the person is left disappointed.

The person might think, if you can’t bother to post one or two more photos, maybe you’re not serious about online dating either, and there goes your potential mate.

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