Dating someone going through messy divorce

If agreeing to the demands of my spouse will get them off my back and let me move on, whatever.” Or, you may seek advice people whose information may not necessarily be in best interest.

There is nothing wrong with educating yourself or asking for advice.

” It’s no wonder why you feel like we no longer control our own life.

Planning where you want to be six months or a year from now and then implementing those steps has bigger dividends than struggling to make it through the day.

I’m just going to let my lawyer figure it out for me.” Or, “Okay, fine.But, remember that, ultimately, this is your life and your future.It is your right and your responsibility to take ownership of your divorce decisions. At this point in your life, you may have thought that the hard work was behind you and that you had a good handle on things, but then this curve-ball is thrown at you and you’re not sure how to plan for it.Financial advisors preached about planning for retirement for years.Why don’t we apply those same principles to divorce?

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