Dating violence among college students

Conversely, 8.2% of college men reported sexual assault (Banyard et al., 2007) . Sexual Minorities and Victimization Another of the most frequently cited victimization concerns on college campuses is sexual assault among both sexual minorities and sexual non-minorities.

While women are more often the victims of sexual assault than men, both gay males and lesbians are significantly over represented as victims (Duncan, 1990) .

Thus, the current study examines whether or not sexual minority college students are more likely to be victims of sexual harassment, sexual assault, and intimate partner physical and psychological abuse than non-sexual minority students.

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To this end, researchers have found 1-year incidence rates of sexual assault for college women ranging from 17% to 33% (Smith, White, & Holland, 2003) .

However, it should be noted that the definition of psychological abuse is less universally defined than physical abuse, and thus what constitutes abuse may differ from study to study (Follingstad & De Hart, 2000) .

Of additional concern are directly aimed forms of harassment, sexual and otherwise, toward sexual minority students based upon their sexual orientation.

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Our research examines the possible association of sexual orientation and self-reported sexual harassment, sexual assault, intimate partner psychological abuse, and intimate partner physical abuse of college students from a northeastern university in the United States.

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