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Nope, men don’t want a shy girl while banging her like a tin roof in a tornado. Don’t go down there and stare at his ding dong like you’re looking at a raw eel in a sushi bar, disgusted and awkward. This is one of the important things that men want in bed.

They want to be with a woman who’s happy to be in bed with him.

When you understand men, you can learn how to stand out from the crowd, captivate his heart, and ultimately make him fall in love with you. And even if you do realize how to use your own femininity to attract men, not understanding and how they think will leave you utterly confused and feeling hopeless that you’ll never find “the one”.

One single blog post can’t give you all the answers, but read to the end and you’ll be well on your way to knowing how to make a guy want you and how to get him to fall in love with you so he never wants to leave.

#2 A woman who looks great and is confident in bed Now the first part about looking great in bed can seem shallow, but umm… Unless they have a fetish for BBWs [Read: Sexual fetishes].

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But it’s more than just appearances, it’s about looking into the sexual experience.

While social system and women have trained a man to hold it in his pants, most men do lust about other gorgeous women (women lust too! While many people are against talking dirty in bed and fantasizing about other people, we suggest otherwise.

Men and women do fantasize, yet girls shut that thought out and pretend like some other girl can’t stir your man’s loins.

So if you’re wondering what men want in bed, keep in mind that they want a girl who can give him an experience of a lifetime, every time. [Read: Sexual fantasies for men] #1 A girl who can experiment in bed Do you like getting freaky in bed?

Remember these eight tips to give him a sexual experience that worth screaming for! Most lovers are too inhibitive to try new things in bed, and would rather stick with the tried and tested missionary. Every now and then, try a few new things to turn each other on.

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