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He has changed very little of the home since her passing. You are with a man who has proven that he is capable of a great and lasting love with a woman who meant a great deal to him and whom he fondly remembers. I am an emotional person, and dating a widower is certainly full of emotions. As a matter of fact her clothes are still in the closet! We have spoken of getting married, but I have to be able to comfortably co-exist w/ his wife.

I'd make a regular point of saying her name and thanking her at least daily for leaving me such a wonderful man. It's a bit of a combo plate of gratitude and desensitization rolled into one exercise.

This way, his late wife's memory will be preserved while at the same time making room for you in his life.

I understand this is a touchy subject but your feelings matter too and they should be taken into consideration if you're planning a future together.

My G/F of 3 months talks about her openly, in front of my son and I. I can say although it can be complicated, try not to over analyze it. The hard part is he may experience things he never felt before like, insecurity and jealousy. I came accross as insecure and clingy in the first relationship after my ex. He is very stoic, together and seems to have it well in hand. I am trying to be patient and not compete w/ a memory. His kids and I are close and that seems to be no problem. " It's been 3 years, most of her stuff was donated to a women's shelter.

He is still likely in the mode of getting life back to what feels right. I also subconsciously tried to sabotage it several times. With the kids, support them keeping their mothers memory alive and they will all appreciate that. I think I am seeing things from her side..know.would I feel if I was the one that left and they were all going on w/out me? But I still have her dresser arranged as she had it, I can't stand the thought of clearing it off.

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