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Good day, I am a South African male and I have been dating an American woman for the last 3 years. She wants to move to South Africa permanently but for sentimental and familial reasons she would like to get married in the U. I would like to know if there is any difference for me or her if we get married in the U. or in South Africa with regards to immigration and what the implications would be for her application for permanent residency in South Africa. Here, also, just being a fiance makes it harder to enter the country for a visit (Immigration officials think you are going to stay). You will have to research South African immigration law with a lawyer or forum devoted to that subject. In America, it's easier to bring a fiance' over rather than a spouse. African laws and make sure that being married won't make the immigration process harder.Since Kate arrived on a K1 visa that was connected to Jack, she will not be able to adjust status with Frank as her new husband.Her only option is to go back to Brazil and have Frank file the I-130 petition so she can apply for a CR1 spouse visa.” The answer is no. If you choose not to go through with the marriage, you must go back to your home country and start a new application with a new American fiance or spouse. So, if your engagement has ended and you’ve decided to stay in the United States to start a new life, think about your options to adjust status.After a few months of chatting, she decides to leave Jack so she can be with her new love.

She quickly falls in love with Frank who she sees at the local park while walking their dog.

Remember that K1 letter of intent that you submitted with the I-129F petition? It’s because there are a good number of immigrants that arrive on a K1 visa and then disappear without a trace. Even though there is a specific number of days to marry, it’s okay if you marry outside of this time-frame.

Yup, that’s a signed declaration you made promising to marry your American fiance when you arrive in the U. What’s important is getting married and then adjusting status.

law, as long as you meet the eligibility requirement of the state in which you marry, you can marry in the U. Each state has its own laws, so you or your fiance will need to research the requirements for the state in which you intend to marry.

Some states are popular locations for destination weddings, and make it very easy for tourists to obtain marriage licenses.

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