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If your organization works with children or the elderly, it is highly recommended that you conduct background checks for volunteer screening. If you need affordable background checks for your volunteer organization, call us at 972-889-3333.Don’t seal the deal before you have run a full business background check. We can help you find information that may not have been disclosed, such as filings, judgements, liens, and litigation.

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Business records and property/assets research are also areas of discover that we can assist you with.Scammer create profiles with photos of former models or other attractive people It starts will a innocent message as so it seems, but it is anything but innocent.Often you are the first to message without knowledge the dangers on the other side.Call us for a FREE consultation with a highly experience, yet affordable private investigator in Dallas, TX.We have all heard of the classic email scams of Nigerian princes but a new costly scam is on the rise. The perpator wants money and the victim wants love and attention.

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