Developing and validating a nursing website evaluation questionnaire

Multiple choice test items can be written to assess various levels of learning outcomes, from basic recall to application, analysis, and evaluation.

Because students are choosing from a set of potential answers, however, there are obvious limits on what can be tested with multiple choice items.

EBP-COQ appears to measure with adequate reliability the attributes of undergraduate nursing students’ competence in EBP.

The instrument is quick to disseminate and easy to score, making it a suitable instrument for nursing educators to evaluate students’ self-perceived competence in EBP.

If a significant learning outcome requires negative phrasing, such as identification of dangerous laboratory or clinical practices, the negative element should be emphasized with italics or capitalization. A question stem is preferable because it allows the student to focus on answering the question rather than holding the partial sentence in working memory and sequentially completing it with each alternative (Statman 1988).

The cognitive load is increased when the stem is constructed with an initial or interior blank, so this construction should be avoided.

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A stem that presents a problem that requires application of course principles, analysis of a problem, or evaluation of alternatives is focused on higher-order thinking and thus tests students’ ability to do such thinking.

For example, they are not an effective way to test students’ ability to organize thoughts or articulate explanations or creative ideas.

Reliability is defined as the degree to which a test consistently measures a learning outcome.

Nursing educators need rigorously developed instruments to assess competency in evidence based practice (EBP) at undergraduate level.

This concept is defined as the capability to choose and use an integrated combination of knowledge, skills and attitudes with the intention to develop a task in a certain context.

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