Does dating ruin friendships

“However social media provides snippets of how we wish to be perceived, rather than how we might actually be doing.What we see on social platforms rarely paints the real, full picture, and nothing can replace one-on-one time to truly connect with a friend.” It's likely you’ve been in the presence of a friend recently and had to fight for their attention because they were too busy scrolling through Twitter or posting on their Instagram Story while they're at brunch with you.“We're forgetting how to just BE with one another, engaging and interacting without taking pictures, posting, and checking social media,” says Hall.“It's becoming too common to ignore the people we're around IRL, opting instead to give our attention to social media streams.” All of a sudden, you’re seeing things on social media that are making you extra jealous toward a person you usually have no issues with.“For some in this age of social media, they will schedule times to hang out with friends or arrange meet-ups only if those activities are "postable" (i.e.good content for Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, etc).

“Social media can make friendships feel more transactional,” says Annie Wright, a licensed psychotherapist and owner/clinical director of Evergreen Counseling.What bothers me now is that he treats me differently. What’s going on and how we can move past it together? Or you could let it play out and be passive instead of proactive. But choose soon and choose wisely, because the longer you let it ride, the harder it’ll be to get back on the track you want to be on.We are no longer as close as we were, and he is very cold to me. Ever heard of the expression TMI (too much information)?That’s what you get when you spend too much quality time on social media... All of a sudden you feel a resentment for your friends that comes from out of nowhere!

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