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"I was writing the lyrics and the ideas for the songs over the course of the last five years.

I probably had 50 per cent of it in my head and then had about three months to record it." Prior to this, his last work was with Flower Fairy in 2009.

Fu Zen Entertainment and George FM presents Dub Fx with Flower Fairy with local support from Dylan C, Charlie B and Organikismness.

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His music is infused with drum and bass, hip-hop and dub step influences and has the power to turn heads of all backgrounds across the world with his prolific street based performances.

I don't see that side of society as something that is relevant to me... That's the message I try to make, to inspire people to be the best they can and through that I aspire to be the best I can be." He's looking forward to bringing that to the resort, in an inspiration-for-sticky-toffee-pudding swap.

"There is always a really great vibe when I come to Whistler. I've never seen the snow on the ground there, which is a bit annoying because I love to snowboard.

The Goldrush () Download from friendly blog ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ For Coldplay, they made a lot of good songs last year from the somberness and melodic ticking of Clocks, to the mellow and deep-meanings of Speed Of Sound, show that they definitely made their mark on their legacy.

Life In Technicolor II (Prospekt's March Version) () 03.

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