Effect backdating contract

This is an example of legally backdating a contract.As with all backdating, you should ensure its disclosed clearly and agreed upon by all parties. Any attempt to do so should be done with the backing of professional legal advice.Alternatively, agreements allow you to conduct business activities with certainty by assuring parties of their obligations.In some instances, you may wish to backdate a contractual agreement to fulfil a specific objective. For example, in a recent Tax Court case, a dispute arose in regard to a change in ownership of interests in a limited liability company (LLC).For LLC's taxable as a partnership, the members are of the LLC are taxable directly on their percentage share of the income and losses of the LLC.

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For example, if a supplier has already begun supplying a business prior to the execution date of a contract it may be appropriate to backdate it.

For example, if they backdate a contract to show an event happened earlier than it did to avoid tax the backdating is fraudulent.

Similarly, the disclosure of any backdating is important because it ensures any future readers are clear on what the document means.

That said, there are many circumstances where it may be common or appropriate to backdate a contract.

However, in these circumstances, it is important to transparently record any backdating in the contract.

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