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As mentioned before there should be certain caution’s and encouraging tips to think about when delivering metaphors in clinical practice. ” Well that all depends on who is seeking medical help and how the metaphors are going to be used.

There isn’t one metaphor that is good or bad, one metaphor might work great with one patient and be harmful or insignificant to another patient (Loftus 2011).

Now if we integrate pain for example into this situation we can argue that pain is essentially an interpretation by that individual, it can be said that the only way to adequately understand pain is through metaphor itself.This means the physiotherapist is more appropriately positioned to develop a deeper patient-therapist relationship and in doing so educate and empower the patient of their physical condition and management.Communication is an important tool in a healthcare setting that when used effectively can educate, empower and de-threaten common health issues patients present with in practice.The physiotherapist can then have the opportunity to communicate risk information in a way that the patient understands. respectable coexistence and behaviour with respect to others, as well as normal social relationships and a positive attitude towards oneself and the surrounding world.This could lead to mutually agreed upon, higher quality decisions that best match the patients circumstances Street, R. A physiotherapist should possess skills of empathetic understanding of patient circumstances and how to respect patients feelings and sensations.

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