Elements of relationships and safe dating

If your teen is experiencing an unhealthy relationship, you can also consider finding a family therapist who can help mediate and help create a plan.Know that, in the end, the decisions have to come from your teen.Having open lines of communication around dating rules can help to make sure you and your teen are on the same page.

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Here are some questions you can use to break the ice: Once you get the conversation going, you can use this as an opportunity to highlight elements of a healthy relationship.

When opening the discussion about relationships with your teen, it’s important to not make assumptions!

Neutral language around the gender of their partner, for example, or the nature of their relationships can help to demonstrate that you’re there to listen with genuine openness and love.

For any relationship, it’s great to plan expectations and boundaries ahead.

This way, they don’t have to come up in an argument later on.

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