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id=com.ants360.yicamera.international2) Power on Place the camera close to the router, and make sure Wi-Fi access is available, then connect the cable to the micro USB port on the back of the camera to the power outlet as shown Wait a few seconds until the yellow light starts to blink on the front of the camera.

If the yellow light does not blink, use a clip to press the reset button on the back of the camera, and wait until the yellow light comes on again.3) Connect the camera to your phone Follow the simple set up instruction on the app. You can also download it on the App Store or Google Play store by searching for YI Home Camera.

Every Blink system comes with our proprietary Sync Module, which helps facilitate quick, easy set-up and moderates the power used by your Blink camera unit.

The Sync Module requires no assembly or configuration; simply plug it in, then follow the prompts of the Blink app to get started.

Dash cams should intrude no more than 40mm into the swept area of your windscreen wiper blades and must not be mounted in the area directly above the steering wheel. If a dash cam has a built-in screen, make sure it is switched off or turns itself off after a few seconds, as the law says motorists must not be able to view video-playing devices while driving (there are some exceptions to this rule related to providing information about the status of the vehicle itself – a parking camera, for example – but a dash cam does not meet these criteria).

Yes, even if you’re plugging the power cable into a 12V (cigarette lighter) socket, you can normally tuck the cable behind the car’s headlining and down the inside of the trim on the A-pillar (the metal body structure either side of the windscreen), then under the carpet to the centre console.

There is also no hidden fees or monthly subscriptions moving forward with this Lorex wire-free security system.

This security camera is designed and engineered for quick and easy installation.

Dash cams get round the problem by splitting the video into small chunks, usually video files of 1-3 minutes.Bear in mind that police will get involved if someone has been injured in an accident; they have the power to seize footage, which may be used as evidence.Dash cams are smarter than your basic video camera.When the memory card is full, the oldest file will be deleted to make room for a new file, meaning it will always record.However, important files can be locked and protected from deletion, either manually (by pressing a button on the device) or in most cases automatically if the device detects a sudden change in speed (because of an accident or emergency stop). Although the oldest video clips are deleted automatically to make way for new footage as the dash cam records, you may find that the protected (emergency recording) files build up over time and eventually fill the card, perhaps causing an error message to appear.

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