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foi'ol'011(1 infli R-nc L' pi'iidlinit in oiii' ouii .njitiiiuini Ut:i L.... Hull am .still confidenl ~nt Ti'if *wtl H- br— hf nrl f i(! -rir H'rminr rn 'ftfl-rnmy-wltti ^ win, III' llial the mail be slmi l and sitiouth In ai Kiilier ronnres.siimal election in the slate in \k'liieli 1 \iiirkeil, [be uppdsilinii «ii! a failure ■ by any conventional standard, is still rc HCttin{-h5— Avnikcf- despite his aiili-i;itvernmenl ideolof; (h-spite de (hazia's [Miwer politics and despite tlieir distaste . The reason: Whatever his .shortrimnnf^.s-,- they view Walkt'r i\s a );i'nuiiu' llireal to the lialt-d l)alty machine a siitiji^el for ■ Hmtther column 1 wvwv D » r inl ended A ri"'pitrl prepared Ity Ujlji HIackaller of the Departnietit ol ' I\nviromi U'nlai and I'oilimiimly Servires for s! Services that it is \nllmn "t.-i • Inmleifient the' ■ha Mi;i-.s ihiil seem imperative al this lime I'sitij; the most charilahh" of thai, side by' side with the iille);ations and evi'ii ' conf innal ion of ■«tl Mti»wiermjvdisnplinprii"'s'' (inly possitile lo U'ltevo (hat (tie . r n rs K-^vlll iiflse In n~ Voutli Uanch inv L'.stination. It will more than like U lie llio Se \n-np W who have i Tsisleii complete disclosure uho .mnke the Imidest and ■'I'erliiip.s stronnesl. there is the other side to every ^tory th'a T people just (lua't want In lahe (he time lo look at . *Il lakes a lot of pride and initiative to tjecorne part (jf toriay's Army 11 all depends on ones attitude, I'FC (lalindo stated tie was iri a bi^ iiies Ix'causc of Ills own fault. Mu.-itl\ -vu: Jo nolliiiii; iilioiit tlli-tii Wo Mlil Miir .slioiililor.s Olid h,i. ft--S*'tt7- Stennl.s said there \vouid,I ~Tliisls"nol"lo"proni vlclnry with nioralily. i a narn)\v_ rare because (if an extraordinary heavy absentee vule Iterause tills mail vote \ias nreall\ dislorteil in taviii' oi tlie^ opposition in an eleelion IN wbtrli the viiti' Was otherw ise ipllle rhise', our siispieii Mis wvvv ariiiised Tlu'reupon, [hr'o'iinlioii'l llie^ state those |ii'o[ile ^liiisej naincs wen: atj,st! arguments fur ■■fairness." Innocent men and women will liave their reput Jihoiis jmd clianirllei^ nuitinieif. Kelker II concerned VVC itiilien t'raluulo and his unliappy lour of (lerinan ton , workinu in Finance for the Olh Infantry Divisiun. Washington As far as the problems listed by PI-'C itulien (laliiulo in his article, I find mnnl of Ihi'in SL-lf- iiiiposfd I'orl l^'Wi.s is very peaceful, the druj; probli'm is n\]nmial, and wifi' and I live in our (jwn private world. After all, 1 floured that l»KC Haiindo could be anywhere in United, Stale.s or the world for that matl Wlust like 1 am where I wanted, to Ik urilia[ipy m Oermnny, but kiiovum^ly speaking, the world isn't all , llial small All the problems mentioned by ! I find personally that I will never sit^n a lei^al contract unless I know wliat is in it. I.ilerai Iranslalioii of the Itisl ■ pliiase: tliiless Hie Times'go Liji line. At the 50-year session, held at the Ho.lidayinn in 'IV in socia L -hour-prcccdcd-a-diriner,-^- — = ^ ■ -The Class nf m;\ numbered 12 and three are now deceased. liooding; Chuide Ueriiard and wile Aleiia, lla/ellon; Owen Severance and wife Dorothy. Tuu LT noddeii assi'td tlu-n afii T ii paiisi' added ri't U'i'- tivrly. Ui," .ii^rml Tawer,' "1 hopi' till' ri't'diiiiiulalion -lu*ariiins ean-lw snnilwieht't^ in I v UMU ' t^ " ur \w s ! These little i-Krniptaia K-luad up Uiu ^i^alv, intu vast and monstrnus wmn Kdnin K nallonalh Some years Ijack. IF YOU FO RG OT DAD IT'S STILL NOT TOO LATE _iit Jir3(l__Tliiirs(te J9r-Uic ~wclijh-rn. Its iippliciiliiiii 111 open a liuicaii ill I'ekiiig Wdiild not be graiiteii ' MR. '\ and "Do yon remember when'^,' The dinner jiet-totiether was promoted and hasted by Krnes't S, . Those httending the reunion ( in adqjition • to Mr. ) wertv j-euo V'jr Tiry" Tinie Does Pass WASHINGTON St Miati' Arii U'd {'oinmi Ui'i' will Imid licjinnjis (in llu liin K-i)i'ii(liritl If^Lsljitiitii til rt'iii'mpul L' Ihv p iif smiii' ■inm.miumiiiuiry cutirccs - al a -still uiniftcniiint Hl dak' Ui Ilt tins yi'ar Thai's wtiiil this I'uliiinn hii.s Ia'L'II [uld by Sen. '1' (• X , , SI- (' I) n (1 ■ r ii ri k i n Ui'pulilu-jiri iiit-i Titjt T tit the Coinini Uce, and (iiillun' of a nr ^i-iuilni s, fiirt'iiiusl amoii H tlu'in Hiibi Tt IHi It', Kiins,, forriu T Hi'piihli'.'ari national L-hairinan "Si'ii Slennis pronilsi'd llieri' vvyuld 1k' lu-arin n-s. in one ctirn;ie.''Sii)nal distiici m ni iiii-i'linf{s tills was defi-nileil wiih, "The others ilo it so wi- must " Mill when one of tin- iwo parties coni'vrned j;allu'i eil Ihi' ihtii al hlren^tti lo |)ut Ji stop 4o —Uui praetlee in il.'i own ranks, imd t Hlhold, it Wdii llic next con anal rjice. hail ' - nol beeti able to acc()ni|)llsir in the previou-s -HI -Cook Woiiaco U-^and husband'. SPECt ATOR -^^^ life An unusual reunion of hi^h st-liool classmates was- held recently in- 'IXvin Falls. am i 1 :iin ^ 'sii Vi- lir will makf ^mh\ on his" wum I," Tdwi-r said in a (lisi'ussion. Slcnnis, sltihiis I.v Wdundi'd in a hold-up wintt T, IS still I'dnvali'sri'iif! with Mil indicali Dn wlifti lie \t dl ri'SUMit' thf I'liairnianship of till' CDiniiiittfi' '.'Wlu'n dii j'dii Iliink thi-si- licariiiji.s ari' likt'h tn taki' placf''" Ttnu T was ak^'d ■■I wi Mild say afti-r ttu' cnimiiillff cump U-lcs om- ,..mdi'i atn'ri ^ jif lilt' I i'i"! Newt , — -Poftrltffi d; Hil da l limntl er K i e M — ON A'ACATION Mr. so on vaciitiou; \Ve will ^^amtim ie the column again a round June 2ti or 27. Iiieiisini; ri'commeiidalli'ns •meiili.oiislhnllheiisr-nf-Tnnre T- liandcuffmi; and corpi Mal punishment has been uncovered at (he raiirh. and m that nia therefore in fad falsely cast aspcr.'on ranrh pcrsinuie! i L-h..i;iiii)luye._Ollicrs have been reporl I by other Times -News Public Forum lhe honest iii\eritit:alion. It wasuimsiuil in that it was the first reunion since graduation and it was also unusual in that It included members of the Kiml)ury Hi^h Sduiol j^raduation. h .t)ilh()tii wuapon.s aiithi)ri/aliii[i bdl."'-Tt J\VLr replied^ ■IS that apt In hi' '". rt'Ti nn i th ' ," 'h i w ri " ' w I' a pii ns a ii t luir i / a 1 1 on iiii'asai'i- ' a.s lie so suci'i'.ssfiillj did last yi'ar (in thai showdifwn, Iti L- Sena ti' ovi T\i hulininnl.v approved n-coijipiilaliiiji fll! In tlu' runfiili-iil btdifl (lit- Sc'natf will ri'pcal lhat'tliis yt-ar IJu Ltku. iti^rvti^l naticc on till' bipartisan It'adt'i's of the I'hainlifi' of his ilil ni[)tloll . Unlill Fuin Jusnfan^ on - and w e will he Ibinkmg of yon between two measures. Hat at t)iis time, It is iiiii Hi Hstble to say wluit will happen. wim ma\ not liavc becii awari- ajiil wli.i u ould iidt have rnndnncd -s uch- n rli VTri P-^- h :irt- ! H l .lh^l iu'e known l o he lontiiiiieil \n a lei;al affidavit filed Willi stale offi.'iiils by a ' fo! 'Hie raneh Ix'ord of directors bjis niii\'iiii'e(l Ihi' DL-partmcnt of Krivironmenlal and fniniiiu Mitv . ctreiimstiinci' w Iih al a mitilimiin, Alwiit -l OO Hussiiins, iric Uitlini; rhi Ulrun, frtini 'llif . S(|iitil^ welted down Andrews Air l-'iircu liase outside tlio capital and the snlall crowd of American officiids and Soviet citi/ens jjalhered to welcome the iiii-yearrj)]d Uussian, - Sei'retary (7stiite William V. Hreeters, recalled to Brezhnev thai d liiul alsii rained when Nixnri arriveil in Mosi-ow last year for (heir first SLiminit, and dial (lie I'tiissians liad called it a "iniislu'oiii M rain" an omen Solon hits i:xi:lllllli;ra- .llralrii-y -n Vni Ti-.;.; "p Ttnnniilrt„tlnnnil^r.n Hr | m.

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