Getting bored dating

When we’re in a relationship for a long time, we start to take surprises and excitement for granted.If you’re getting bored because the relationship doesn’t excite you anymore, do something about it.Do you feel like you’re getting bored with your relationship?You’re not the only person with those thoughts on your mind, so you really don’t have to feel guilty about it, even if your lover is head over heels in love with you.

You may be having an emotional affair with a good friend or even a colleague at work, and not even know it![Read: Signs you’re more than just friends with someone else already] #6 Sex is just boring. If you find it more fun to think of excuses to avoid sex than actually have it, you’re more than just bored with your love life.[Read: 30 super sexy ways to spice up your sex life] #7 Special memories.You wake up one morning and you’re just not interested in staying in love anymore. And most importantly, what are the reasons behind why you got bored of your relationship?You could push the thought aside and continue on in your relationship, or you could jump into an affair with someone sexy and fun. But before you actually go blaming love and its mysterious ways that led to the downfall of your present relationship, you need to ask yourself a few questions. Once you understand why you’re getting bored with your relationship, you can prevent it from ever happening again.

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