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Episode 7 was filler content designed to provide fan service, but it was based on Volume 4 of the light novels and changed many significant details (see spoilers below for more information).Fans of the books otherwise agree that the light novels cover most of the important events.Source Acchan AKB48 Arashi E-Girls Golden Bomber Graduation Hey! From "CLASSROOM OF THE ELITE" comes a 1/7th scale figure of the D-class's Suzune Horikita posed in the middle of getting dressed.On March 2, 2017, She officially announced her retirement from the entertainment industry to look after her family as a mother at home.

Horikita's popular roles include the introverted high school student Nobuko Kotani in Nobuta wo Produce, the righteous law student Tsurara Yoshikawa in Kurosagi, and the cross-dressing sports fan Mizuki Ashiya in Hana Kimi.

That’s good news because there’s more than enough source material for another single-cour season to be released in 2018.

However, the story of the manga is significantly behind even the anime. The anime was the most popular Crunchyroll series back in August and sales of the light novels spiked from July through September.

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