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Transcript of a hot IM chat I had with a top describing to him my first time: *************************** Dad: tell me about your first time.. never Boi: and I think he sensed that I liked him Dad: nice.. you were really out there Boi: he had a pretty straight face Dad: ok..continue Boi: he could tell I was nervous Dad: duh.. go on Boi: to be perfectly honest I have fantasized about going down on you and having you in my mouth and seeing that he was not repulsed or turned off I turned it up a notch figuring what the hell Dad: hearing that should have made him spring a bone!

with David the doctor Boi: well this was about what 10 years ago Boi: I was 22 Boi: and living with my gf at the time Boi: things were not going well Dad: okay Boi: so we were breaking up and needed to sublet the apartment Boi: so of course we put an ad in craigslist Dad: kinda typical.. Boi: I said I also fantasized about you fucking me Boi: he smiled Boi: and said come here Dad: go on Boi: so I did and he kissed me Dad: you melted? good move Dad: go on Boi: so I started rubbing it while we were kissing Boi: and I could feel it getting hard Boi: I was getting so excited Dad: were you hard by now? Boi: so he smiled again and grabbed my hand and took me to the bedroom and told me to sit on the bed and he stood in front of me Dad: take charge kinda guy.. Boi: probably 10 years older than me...maybe more Dad: okay..

and you DID Boi: so he got up and put my ankles on his shoulders Dad: (makes note to self... NICE Boi: and opened it and put some on his cock Boi: actually a lot Boi: and then stuck 2 fingers in the jar and smeared it on my hole and pushed his fingers in Dad: what a great guy Boi: I was moaning of course Dad: no? I want to feel you slide it in and out Dad: mmmmm Dad: so fukin hot Boi: so that's what he id Boi: he slid it out almost the entire way Boi: and slid it back in Boi: back and forth Boi: in and out Dad: the best Dad: for both of you Boi: he said your ass is so fucking tight and hot Boi: through tears, I smiled up at him Boi: he was going, slow and then started picking up the pace Dad: I love it slow when I start out Dad: I really like to tease a boi's ass and get him totally worked up Boi: ;) Boi: yeah he really picked up the pace Dad: your ass was making him crazy by now Boi: yeah Boi: it was hot to see the look of pleasure on his face Boi: he stopped and pulled his dick completely out Dad: who gets virgin ass every day?

get boi in his sex daze and he will do ANYTHING) Boi: and started to rub his cockhead against my ass Boi: up and down my crack Boi: against and around my hole Dad: already tender from that great tonguing Boi: I was hot and scared at the same time Boi: he asked me if I had any lube Dad: yup... bye bye straight boy and hello gay slut Boi: I told him my gf has vaseline Boi: so he said perfect Boi: it happened to be in the night stand right next to us Boi: he quickly got it Dad: wooof.. lol Boi: I thought he was finished Dad: hhahahaha Dad: I know what's coming Boi: but instead he got more lube and spread it on his dick Boi: and this time wasted no time in ramming it back in Dad: didn't make you beg for it again?

you really ARE just what I like in a boi Boi: instead he got down on his knees Boi: and started rimming me Boi: OMG, IT FELT SOOOOO GOOOOOOOD Dad: yea.. : D Boi: I could not believe this hot guy was using his tongue on my asshole Boi: he tongued me for a long time and I was in heaven Boi: I lost track of time Boi: by this time I was totally his. make you tell him Boi: I said I want you to fuck me Boi: he smiled Boi: and said say it again Dad: lol Boi: fuck me Boi: fuck me Boi: please Boi: he said yeah?

I would have done whatever he wanted Dad: heheh.... Dad: like a bitch in heat, no doubt Boi: I said I want you Boi: he said no. Dad: you are such a perfect subboi Boi: I said omg I need you to fuck me right now Boi: he smiled Dad: music to a dom/top's ears hehehe Boi: and guided his cock to my asshole Boi: he was looking at me in the eyes as he started pushing it in Dad: sweet Boi: even with all the lube there was some resistance Dad: expected Boi: yeah Boi: so he pushed harder Boi: and it finally went in. Boi: ahhhhhhh Boi: just the head was in Boi: but it was burning Boi: and hurt like hell Dad: you DO remember every detail..Boi: yeah, you don't' forget this Dad: so true :) Boi: anyway I was grimacing Boi: and he just held his cock where it was Dad: nice Boi: in my haze of pain and pleasure I managed to say David please fuck me Boi: he smiled and started pushing it in further Boi: OMG I thought I was being split in two Dad: thatta boi Boi: it was painful but it was so hot watching him sweating, muscles bulging Boi: that I was able to take it Boi: it took a while but he eventually got the entire shaft in Dad: worth every inch Boi: yeah Boi: he asked me if I liked his cock in my ass Boi: I said omg David your cock is so hard and big and it hurts but I still want it inside me.

Boi: nothing at all Dad: ok.Dad: nice Boi: just a lot of sex Boi: chatting Boi: actually never thought I would do anything Dad: lots of young guys start that way Boi: but this guy David and 2 other guys came to see the apartment Dad: ok Boi: so anyway Boi: the first time I saw this guy I have to say I felt really weird Boi: I had never been attracted to a guy like this before ... nice Boi: anyway after that first visit I made up excuses to call him Dad: sweet Boi: he had such a nice masculine, sexy voice Dad: I assume he was older Boi: yes Boi: so they were deciding whether they wanted to take the apartment Boi: this went on for a couple weeks Boi: so after a couple weeks when I knew my gf wasn't going to be there I invited him over Dad: and you weren't advertising for a roommate? Dad: clever Boi: he came over Boi: and so I showed him some things that I thought he should take note of about the apt Dad: k Boi: of course he had seen them before Boi: anyway Boi: we were standing in the kitchen. Boi: I have been having sexual fantasies about you Boi: actually not really Dad: wow.. Boi: he then asked me what I fantasized about Boi: I have to say I started blushing Dad: hot Boi: I said, well Dad: this is so sweet..

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always want to be sure the top is pleased with you Boi: and he looked down at me and said you like sucking this cock? I just grabbed his cock and pulled it back in my mouth Dad: tease the young bitch.. hehe Boi: yeah Boi: I was so fucking horny, I could not stop Dad: you sure remember your adventures well.. keep going baby Boi: after I would say about 20 minutes he said that he was getting ready to cum Dad: wow Boi: and asked me if I wanted him to pull out before he came Dad: let me guess...

Boi: with my mouth full of cock I shook my head Dad: you said.. Boi: and started sucking more Dad: hahahaha Boi: and harder Dad: suck it boi Boi: and trying to suck him in deeper Dad: god I love an eager cocksuker Boi: so he started breathing harder and moaning louder Dad: mmm Boi: and he yelled, baby, I'm cumming Dad: it was hot that he called you baby Boi: and I felt his cock expand even more and felt his cock spitting its load into my mouth Boi: that was my first taste of cum Dad: and you were addicted on one load Boi: I didn't stop sucking until he completely stopped Dad: good cocksuker Dad: drain it Boi: he said damn that was good Boi: I smiled at him Dad: what a great guy Boi: but he said he wasn't thru yet Boi: I was like really?

Chatter of an adult nature between mature and friendly adults is what goes on here and is a calm peaceful environment compared to the hustle and bustle of the sex chat room.

A lot of the users of this chat room are registered, Guests tend to flock to the other more sexual orientated rooms and heavy usage of our forums is done by the users of this chat room.

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