Hot parties for hook up in mumbai

Women really, really appreciate sweaty, testosterone-amped men leaving them alone in the midst of working out.Do it right: The territory of the gym where you’ll have a better chance of picking up a (fit) cutie is in yoga and/or Pilates classes.Just don’t ask that initial girl on a date again, dick.When Mumbai-based social media consultant Farishte Irani first came across a social media post about a music-themed house party with strangers, it struck her as an interesting way to meet new people.Striking up conversations with neighboring mats before and after class is also super-natural — unlike Dude who I recently encountered awkwardly running backwards in order to chat with Hot Girl on the treadmill next to him (she was not impressed).Why it’s wrong: Driving while distracted by pretty ladies is dangerous, one.But hey, it’ll increase the likelihood of said acceptance.From there, it’s up to you to strike up a conversation that will probably be drawn out because it’s impossible to not scare someone by commenting on all of their pictures and statuses. Do it right: Yes, this sticky situation takes some tact. We can cite at least one example of a happily, married-for-six-years couple who met while they were on a blind date — but not with each other.

Ex: “I’m new to the area and seeing who likes the same music as me.” Then they proceed to message back and forth about music before heading to a show together.

Realize if she says no you might need to find a new place to buy sandwiches/coffee/records, so gauge the deliciousness, convenience, and place in general before asking her out.

Why it’s wrong: My spandex pants are giving me a slight case of camel toe, my glutes exercise is done in a similar position I’d take while taking it from behind, and I’m trying to watch the “Real Housewives” while simultaneously getting my cardiovascular fitness on.

(Odds are, only 56 year-old men with goatees will answer those requests.) Instead, make eye contact and flash that award-winning smile.

If she reciprocates with a kind-looking smirk, you’re in to make some witty remark about the book she’s reading, the duct tape on her car, etc.

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