Ideas for updating facebook business page david deangelo bridges dating bonuses

When did you last update the About section on your Facebook page?If you answered, “not since I set up the page,” then it’s time to revisit. Rather it’s an opportunity to connect with potential fans, users and customers.The highlighted post will be the first thing page visitors see after your cover.Just don’t make the mistake of highlighting every post, as it will only confuse users.

And keep these general The most successful brands on Facebook combine organic posts with paid posts.

Instead of promoting all of your posts, what you should be doing is promoting posts that would get you closer to your KPIs or goals.

Facebook is a place users go to socialize with others and see what people and businesses are up to.

Include a tagline, call-to-action, and don’t forget to add a hyperlink to a website.

This allows anyone visiting your Facebook page to instantly click-through to your website without a prolonged search.

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