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It also possible to configure all settings programmatically.To have Updates automatically check for new versions of your app you may configure the framework using a JSON configuration file.Furthermore if the user’s visits the app’s page in the App Store they will only be able to see the latest update their device is eligible for.It could be worthwhile letting users know that a new version of the app is available to them once they update a later version of i OS so that they don’t make the assumption that development of the app has ended.Updates is an open-source framework which automatically checks to see whether a new version of your app is available.When an update is released, Updates is able to present the new version number and accompanying release notes to the user giving them the choice to update.The Updates UI component is separate from the core Updates framework to allow developers to create a custom UI if needed.For developers who do not require a custom UI, It is prudent for developers to plan for the need to migrate users to the latest version of an app whether in the case of an emergency or as part of planned update such as dropping support for an older version of i OS.

When it comes to migrating users to the latest version of an app we are fortunate that i OS does the majority of the legwork for us.Updates makes use of the i Tunes Search API to retrieve the version number of the latest version of your app available from the store.Along with this, the release notes and numeric App Store identifier are fetched for your app which means that when a new version is released, Updates is able to tell your users the version number of the update as well as what’s new.You need to let Updates know where to look for the file by specifying a configuration URL as follows: which means that it is possible to add to an existing JSON file rather than creating an entirely new one.The above configuration tells Updates to resolve all of the information needed to determine whether a new version of your app is available automatically with minimal configuration.

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