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It is intolerable that residents should be bullied out of their homes by angry mobs emboldened by an unjust and discriminatory law.

In Canada, in 2015, consenting adults should be able to take up residence with whomever they please, even if that residence happens to be on reserve.

Some of those on hand Sunday argued that the incident had nothing to do with Deer’s boyfriend being non-native.

One man alleged the boyfriend was a “violent felon.” The incident came on the heels of other tense moments in the reserve this month. [/np_storybar]Deer said she wasn’t sure whether the mob wanted her boyfriend to leave because he is not native, or because he has a criminal record; some Kahnawake residents, including Deer’s neighbour, have cited the latter reason.

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[…where once America stood alone as the land of opportunity, there are now dozens of other countries that have surpassed the United States; chief among these is its unassuming northern neighbour, Canada. And the World Economic Forum ranks Canadians as the 6th happiest people in the world, while Americans lag behind at 13th.

But meanwhile there is the attendant problem of mob rule.

There would be more ambiguity about the mob’s motivation, were it not for the case of Cheryl Diabo, from the same reserve, whose home and car were vandalized last year — her garbage bin affixed with a sign that read “Kwe!

My name is Cheryl and I live with a WHITE MAN” — because she was living with her white boyfriend.

Where do you go now for “Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”? Every aspect of the American dream is now more easily found in Canada.

In the United States, 46 per cent of the population has been able to obtain a college degree—in Canada it’s 59 per cent.

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