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The only plus side is they only appear when stopped.I live in the Philadelphia, PA area and work in the city and have found the traffic thing is only correct about 50% of the time, outside of the normal rush hour stuff.Because of road closures, constructions or changes in street names, this map information DVD should be updated yearly to maintain maximum accuracy of the Prius vehicle's navigation system.Check in with your Toyota dealership to ask what changes or updates have been made to the maps since the version of the navigation system DVD you are currently using.If the navigation DVD is not ejected, push down and hold the "Close" button on the upper left side of the navigation panel for five seconds.This will troubleshoot and eject both the DVD and CD drives.My current traffic doesn't block out the entire screen with advertisements when stopped as it seems some (all? Navigating stop and go traffic trying to change lanes for an exit and not being able to see the screen unless the car is moving? If I have to turn off the Traffic to get rid of that, why would I want the traffic in the first place? I'm also seeing in reviews complaints about map accuracy and routing..too many quality control issues.

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The Toyota Prius navigation system works by using the car's internal GPS signal in combination with a region map information DVD.Take the ejected navigation DVD out, and insert the new one with the label side up.Many new Toyota vehicles now include built-in GPS navigation systems, either standard or as optional features.Bigger display and more features, but satellite acquisition noticeably slower.Routing changes also seem to confuse the 765T more than the 360.

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