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In the series finale, Phil and Keely Aly Michalka finally professed their love for each other, and then the Diffy family traveled back to the year , leaving Keely behind.Kim seemed to be enjoying her role as the actor's on-screen girlfriend What a difference: The Kim of looks very different to her pre-fame incarnation Of course Kim would go on to much bigger things than the unaired pilot.In the ensuing battle, he dueled Ron Stoppable and gained a reliable upper hand against the sidekick.However, he would be destroyed in the battle's climax by Rufus, dropping the Electromagnetic Scrambler charge that Kim had fired at Drakken's control tower as Rufus bit a hole into his leg.He had small roles in film and television shows, notably portraying Christopher Knight in the movie Growing Up Brady.

More recently, Bruckner was in the Lifetime movie " The Assualt.

Comedy Central He's also an accomplished stage actor and podcaster.

According to The Huffington Post , the actress "actually left acting for around six years, studied human rights and feminist theory at NYU and eventually went backpacking through Europe.

His actions to brutally exploit one of Kim's weaknesses had also closed that avenue as her stable relationship with Ron helped her insecurities in regards to dating.

Also notable is the fact that he is the first named character to properly die in the series instead of being just beaten and locked up (even though he was a Synthodrone).

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