Is selena gomez dating brad pitt

SELENA Gomez has become embroiled in the Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie divorce, amid sensational claims THAT picture of her cosying up with the actor at the Globes caused issues in his marriage, reports have claimed.

The stunning 24-year-old, who appeared briefly in the film The Big Short with the 52-year-old, shared a picture of herself gazing into the dad-of-six’s eyes as they enjoyed a moment together at the Golden Globes at the start of this year.

It's been three months since the world learned Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux have separated, and while both parties claim the split was amicable, their behavior during that time tells a different story.

Despite frequent rumors that Aniston is back together with Brad Pitt, there's been no definitive indication that either party has moved on - and that might be by design.

But according to Hollywood Life, Jen has been considering the possibility that there's some truth to these reports.

And she's very, very unhappy about it: "Jennifer is upset over the dating rumors swirling around her ex and Selena,” claims a source close to the actress.

“It hurts Jen to think that Justin would move on already," the insider adds.

"To think of him with anyone else, especially someone so young and that Jen has a personal relationship with like Selena, is painful for her.

“From Emma Watson to Selena, Jen is furious over every picture she sees of her ex with another pretty face out in New York.Jen won’t believe any of the rumors until she hears from Justin himself that he is involved in a new relationship.” Yes, it seems Jen is concerned that Justin is running around Manhattan sleeping with everything with a pulse, a la Joey Tribbiani.We're of the opinion that the only way for Jen to exact revenge is for her to engage in a high-profile fling with Brad.Is Selena Gomez actually in a romantic life with Jennifer Aniston’s ex-husband Justin Theroux or it's just another gossip led by tabloids?Last year, a magazine addressed the 47 years seemed keen on the 26 years old singer and actress.

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