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She's -- I've been away from her since the '80s, so now she's like getting even.I mean it's like, you know, this is -- I deserve it, but I'm getting flogged, you know what I mean?I mean I dropped out of school -- and I don't want to blame it on that.KING: It's tough to hear, but let's listen to a segment of the taped phone call that landed you in this world of hurt.The subject is the Dog’s attempt to have his son Tucker breakup with his black girlfriend Monique Shinnery.Tucker Chapman recorded the conversation then sold it to the National Enquirer.

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I was talking to my son and bam, the next day -- this was in March, so about eight months ago this happened.

(pics & video below) sold out his father Dog “The Bounty Hunter” Chapman for a few bucks and destroyed the family business in the process, but claims he sold the N-word tape because his dad was a racist pig.

Here’s pics of Tucker Chapman and his black girlfriend Monique Shinnery: Monique Shinnery bikini photo: Tucker Chapman isn’t even a regular on the show and his dad has done a lot for him since his release from prison in May, 2006 on drug charges.

Maybe Dog felt bad because Tucker’s sister Barbara Katie Chapman died in a car accident the day before Dog remarried, but the bottom line is that Tucker is lowlife scum who only cares about himself.

He saw a chance to make a quick buck and like any ex-con, he grabbed it without any thought of the consequences for his father or the rest of his family.

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