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LXXXXV, — Introduction to the " Libretto LXXXXVI.— The "Libretto" LXXXXVII.— Sabellicus LXXXXVIII. Finally, as he had directed his entire expedition toward the great- est glory of God and as the sovereign Master of all things had heard his prayer and had granted his petitions, so now he ought to believe that He would save him to accomplish the work which he had undertaken. On the other hand he was reanimated by the favours which God had shown him in according so signal a triumph as that which he had achieved, in discovering all that which he had discovered, in fulfi Uing all his designs and in decreeing him, after experiencing in Castile so many reverses and opposition to his solicitation, a success beyond his fondest hopes. Kamerun fick mål bortdömt för att hon VAR en halv hälsena offside. ..är alltså STRANDS IF som drivit Hudik Cup sedan 1979, men föreningens namn nämns inte en enda gång. Enda förklaring måste vara att ”Clark Kent” har semester – annars borde han ha varit där med sitt färgschema. Kan inte säga annat efter dessa löjliga ”tittningar” i efterhand.|o OLii '^ca3^^' I' - u..2_ ©ccanica fmti K^uff CORNELL UNIVERSITY LIBRARY Gift of HERtn:u T Fis K Johnson '22 _J CORNELL UNIVERSITY LIBRARY 3 1? From the language employed by Las Casas, — and he appears to be quoting the words of the Admiral, — the fair inference would be that both mothers, if there were two, were already dead, and that only the impend- ing disaster to Columbus was wanting to make the two boys doubly orphans.24i)91 070 247 Date Due SEP^ZEI (S^ Cornell University Library The original of tiiis book is in tine Cornell University Library. We know that Beatriz Enriquez, the mother of Ferdinand, long survived the Discoverer. tory the Lord had bestowed on him in making him find in the Indies all that which had been the design of his voyage, and of making them know that those latitudes ' are exempt from tempests, which is proved [says he] by the shrubs and trees which float ever in the sea.Eftersom kommunen ”ser till” att det serveras 22 000 måltider, så antar jag att det är...

^ Las Casas, who must have known the family matters of the Admiral, might have cleared for us some important historic doubts if he had said a few words more.

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— The City of Isabella LXXIX.— Slavery LXXX.— The De Torres Memorandum LXXXI. — Attempt to Explore Cuba LXXXIIL— The Pseudo-Continent LXXXIV. — Bartholomew Columbus LXXXVI — Subjugation of Espanola LXXXVII. — Narrative of Third Voyage LXXXXII, — The Earthly Paradise LXXXXIII. It is for these reasons [he says] that he should not have feared the present storm, but his feebleness and his anxiety would not leave him a moment of calm.

— Letter of Jaime Ferrer 213 223 263 282 292 297 309 315 321 333 340 346 354 360 36s IV Contents CHAPTER LXXXX— The Continent LXXXXI. He added that since God had preserved him on his outward voyage when he had more reason for fear in the sufferings and torments he had experienced at the hands of his crew and sailors, who were resolved with a common accord to return and who wished to mutiny against him,' forgetting what was due him even to uttering threats, and as the eternal God had given him the strength and courage needful to him on that occasion, had sustained him alone against all and had operated in his favour so many marvellous things in this voyage, beyond any accounts which their Highnesses had learned from the persons in their own households, so this powerful God would not now abandon him.

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