Jewish dating and marriage

But now we’re turning more generally to the thorny issues related to dating Jewish (or not).

To chat about everything Jewish dating, we gathered some Alma writers for the first Alma Roundtable.

Then she was single for the next four years, and now she’s in her second serious relationship with a guy she met in a Judaic Studies seminar on Jewish humor (“of all places”).

Now that I’m more explicitly looking for the person to spend my life with and have children with, it feels more important to at least try to find a Jewish partner.

I get that; I’m more into being Jewish now than almost ever because my partner is so enthusiastic about it.

He loves to learn about Jewish culture, which I really appreciate, and almost didn’t realize I’d appreciate so much until I had sure, it’s starting to feel more important now that I am An Old and looking for a Husband.

I didn’t realize how much I valued Jewish community until I didn’t have it.

Molly: Oh that reminds me of something I realized recently. I just thought they’d get me in some secret way I felt I needed to be understood.

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