Jewish sex chats

Unofficial third host, Crane’s 97-year-old Nana, died recently, so be sure to go back to old episodes for her great jokes.This podcast comes from Tablet Magazine and is hosted by editors Mark Oppenheimer and Stephanie Butnick and senior writer Liel Leibovitz.This is the “This American Life” of Israel, taking in-depth stories of, about and for Israel.Hosted by Mishy Harman, “Israel Story” delves into different facets of life in Israel.As the story goes, Hemingway frequented a bar in Havana called Joe’s, which served a double-decker sandwich with beef tongue and ham on Cuban rye with house dressing.Hemingway told his friend Thomas Sweeney, the mayor of Maplewood, New Jersey, about it and he also fell in love with the sandwich.Each episode features one Jew and one non-Jew to talk about interesting topics of the week.

The Sloppy Joe at Feldman’s is specific to New Jersey, by way of Cuba.

Want to add a little Jewish flavor to your podcast lineup? In the past few episodes, it’s looked at the #Me Too movement, birth control, jealousy, and what it means if you don’t want kids.

If you’ve ever had questions about Judaism and sex, “The Joy of Text” has answers — or at least some thoughts on the subject.

SALT LAKE CITY — It didn’t take long for Michael Feldman to realize he wasn’t in New Jersey anymore. Tony Soprano would shoot me if I went into Olive Garden.” Luckily, Feldman has found some good Italian spots since then.

The owner of Feldman’s Deli remembers when he moved to Salt Lake City. He and his wife, Janet, wanted some classic East Coast Italian food — the mom-and-pop stuff they grew up with — and asked his assistant where to go. (More on that later.) He’s also brought authentic East Coast Jewish deli food — Reuben sandwiches, corned beef, gefilte fish, bagels with lox and schmear — back to Salt Lake after it was largely absent for decades.

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